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    Entering your email address below and clicking 'Go' will display your inspection agreement and give you an opportunity to sign it. This document spells out what the inspection is and what it is not.

    I'll apologize in advance, it is a rather long legal document. Every effort has been made to make it in plain english and as short as possible. All professional inspectors will require you sign a similar document. Professional home inspector groups highly recommend it to protect clients and inspectors and the insurance industry requires it as a prerequisite for liability insurance.

  • Enter your email address below, then click "Go...".
  • Read over the agreement, then click the box by the paragraph that states "Client or Client's Representative has carefully read..."
  • Make sure your name is correct and enter your initials.
  • If you are an agent signing on behalf of the client, click the box marked "I am an authorized representative..." and enter your name.
  • Click "Securely Sign". Your IP address will be automatically stored to identify you.

    After you've finished signing the agreement, OnSite Property Inspections will be automatically notified.

    Please call me if you have any questions about your inspection or the inspection agreement.

Thank you,
Jim Maurer

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